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Oil & Gas Valve Applications

LEOS has developed a process which allows us to efficiently manufacture Fully Integral Side Entry Subs. 

Key benefits of LEOS's Side Entry Sub include:

  • Manufactured from 1 piece of customer specified material grade (generally AISI 4145H 285-341HB alloy steel )

  • Suitable for onshore or offshore application

  • The side entry sub is manufactured with a customer specified ID/OD in a box by pin configuration

  • Rotary Shoulder Connections options include API, BTC or premium connection  such as  DP Master, TenarisHydril Connections, VAM™, NOV Grant Prideco, Hunting, Nippon Steel , TPS Technitube & match the drill pipe

  • The side outlet is most commonly supplied as a 2” 1502 union. 

  • Ample room on Tong Length allowing for repairs to threads

  • up to 15,000psi  working conditions without any risks of breakups.

side entry sub , interal side entry sub
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