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Cast Steel/Integral Type Lifting Bails


LEOS offers Cast Steel lifting bails in sizes 2-3/8” to 8-5/8” in API threads REG, IF, FH as well as Integral Type lifting bails for premium threads such as XT’s and HT’s to lift heavier load. 

Integral Type Lifting Bail


Applicable Range:

The normal lift capacity of the Protectors is ½ times the Drill Collar weight.


Material Grade: AISI 4145H

Hardness: 285-341HB

Yield Strength: 120 KSI YS

Cast Steel Lifting Bail

LEOS cast-steel thread protectors (CSTPs) with lifting bails are made from steel casings that meet ASTM specification A, Grades 60–30. They are equipped with heavy-duty bails to enable picking up and setting down drill collars with a catline. CSTP threads and shoulders are precision machined to ensure proper makeup on the protected connection. 

Why Use Lifting Bails

Also referred to as “lifting caps”, lifting bails can be used to lift drilling tools used for natural gas and petroleum. They are also used by persons in the areas of geographical exploration, and drilling engineering. These bails are used to lift:
– Tool joints
– Drill pipes
– Stabilizers
– Drill collars
– Subs
– Drill bits

They are used to protect threads as the items are being moved- from picking them up to load a truck, to transporting them to a new site and laying them down- and while they are in storage. They also aid in linking cables to the drilling tools.

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