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Dedicated to the spirit of continuous improvement


Conforming to program requirements is just a stepping stone.


Oil and natural gas industry relies on equipments and products that are identified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) Monogram to get the job done right.  In our pursuit for continuous benchmarking to best practices, LEOS obtained the following internationally recognized and accredited certification API 7-1 & API 5CT. LEOS quality management system meets the requirement of the international standard API Spec Q1 Latest Edition.


Our manufacturing organization is staffed with experienced supervision and senior manufacturing professionals with many years in the oil and natural gas industry. All items that are manufactured by LEOS will be supported with appropriate documentation, ensuring customers benefit from the quality improvement in the industry.



Meeting high expectation through unified vision.


LEOS recognizes the importance of meeting customers expectation and meeting delivery requirements. Our products are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standard specficiation. With our stringent quality control and quality measuring instruments, LEOS ensures that each machined, repaired & manufactured products will meet or exceed the field requirement.


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