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Union Pipe and Crossover​

LEOS has the capability to manufacture an integral threaded sub pipe or welded pipes which comes with  2" FIg 1502, 3" Fig 1502, 4" Fig 206, 4" Fig 602 configurations for both Standard Service and Sour Service. When strong cyclic loading is predicted, LEOS recommends its integral pipe and crossovers.

Integral pipes are manufactured in 2-inch to 4-inch sizes for operating pressures up to 15,000 psi and in lengths up to 240 inches. Integral pipe is available as standard length pup joints, or custom length long-crossovers.

LEOS integral crossovers employ machining from AISI 4130 material H2S with hammer union.The O.D. is a machined surface with custom lengths based on requirement.

Key features/benefits


  • Single piece of forged metal with machined hammer union 

  • or Pipe Welded on hammer union

  • Custom lengths available


  • Single piece of forged metal with machined hammer union 

  • Machined surface on O.D.

  • Custom lengths available


  • Cementing 

  • Well Service

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